Because you depend on me, I use only name brand, dependable equpment to make sure your event is flawless. I do my best to keep it all in great shape and looking like new.

  • Speakers: Active Mackie TH-15A
  • Mixer: Gemini 8 channel mixer, perfect for multiple microphones, CD player, 2 laptops, and extra inputs like an mp3 player (I can play off your iPod)
  • Music player: Numark DMC2 with Numark Cue PC software. Excellent way to keep track of over 200gb worth of music,
  • PC with a laptop backup (always running, so even if power is lost no computer restart is needed)
  • Audio Technica wireless microphone
  • AKG wired microphone
  • Lighting includes 2 American DJ Hyper Pros, 2 Ness Asters, double derby, and a few other smaller lights.
  • 1TB external hard drive with over 30,000 songs
  • 2'x4' table hold my entire system. It's compact, never oversized, and can fit almost anywhere.
  • Wall facade which slowly changes color during dinner, and changes in many different designs, patterns and colors to the beat of music during dancingĀ 

Some of my equipment

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